Thought of the month….

What? I didn’t hear me? What did I say? Yes, I mean no. What were we talking about? Yes I feel, I doubt, I fear. Why do they come together like that? When I’m here, I’m also there. I have to get someone to cut my hair. I think therefore I do not think and blocks are found at every turn.  No they’re not for building , they’re for tripping- not like that you fiend.  There’s a simple explanation for all of this, I just have to quickly make it up. When Adam met Eve and they fell… for each other. No stop. That’s not right. So, the other day I was thinking and thinking I was and really where does all this thinking lead me if I cant make up my own mind? I really need to,  yes I do. The basis  for my conclusion is simple and astute. A student of life and stuff. You know- like all stuff. Stuff is what makes up most everything in this world. Slap, no tap a slap’s too harsh. Someone pinch me before I scream!


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