Transfer Talk: Zlatan to Barça, Eto’o to Inter? (or: Is One Zlatan Worth Two Eto’os?)

19 07 2009

Nothing official yet, but it looks like there’s a massive massive transfer deal about to happen, sending Zlatan Ibrahimović to Barcelona, and Samuel Eto’o to Inter. Hence the photo of Zlatan in his car.

The terms aren’t exactly clear either, but based on an AP story and reports in both Marca and AS the deal seems to be: Barcelona give Inter around €40m plus Samuel Eto’o (plus Aliaksandr Hleb on loan) and get Zlatan Ibrahimović in return.

All kinds of questions come to mind.
The first question: Assuming Eto’o is valued at around €30m or more by Barça (based on the offer from Man City) then does that mean Zlatan Ibrahimovic is worth nearly twice as much as Samuel Eto’o? That doesn’t quite compute for me.

Second: How will this affect the beautiful Barcelona team of 2008/9? Will it make them even more exciting to watch? Or will it ruin the gameplan a bit?

Third: If he goes to Barça, will Zlatan finally notch a goal in the Champions League knockout rounds?

Fourth: Aren’t both teams just trading one highly strung superstar for another? Zlatan and Eto’o are different players in terms of style, but they’re both have a history of being “difficult.”

Fifth: How sh!tty must Hleb feel, having a year of his life used as a makeweight?

Sixth: Does the size of this deal mean Joan Laporta has to come down from the moral high ground now?

Seventh and last:
Is this really going to happen?




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