Confederations Cup : Spain and South Africa go Through

21 06 2009

South Africa knew going into today that they didn’t need to score against Spain to advance to the next round of the Confederations Cup, and they didn’t. They didn’t even manage a single shot on goal. It didn’t matter.

What they did need was for Iraq not to score against New Zealand, and Iraq came through with a vengeance. Final score in their match with New Zealand: 0-0.

And Spain and South Africa go through form Group A.

Before the tournament I predicted a +8 goal differential for Spain in the group stages based on the weak competition. I wish I’d put money on it, because that’s exactly what they got. Eight goals for, zero against. I’ll be very curious to see whether the stronger competition from Group B will put up more of a fight.

On an interesting note, today’s games were firsts for both Spain and New Zealand. Spain sets the record for most consecutive games ever won by a national team with 15, and New Zealand gets its first point ever in an international tournament.

Proving yet again that success is all a matter of perspective




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