Breaking up is hard to do…..But its totally awesome

11 06 2009

So, firstly, apologies for the delayed response. I was out all morning, but was able to conclude that something was up when I checked my phone and saw nine missed calls and eleven text messages. So, I checked the interwebs and confirmed my suspicions: Slave was (most likely) gone.

This took a moment to set in. And then, for a curious reason, I thought about most of the crap relationships I have had in my life. Not just because I feel like Slave has used more hair product than even the most finicky of my exes, but because this entire situation reminds me a bit of a breakup.

To clarify, I promise I haven’t become a nutter, nor am I prepared to vent about how much I’ve always loved Slave. Quite the opposite actually. I’m sure everyone reading this has, at one time, been in a bad relationship that went on too long. You didn’t like them. You didn’t enjoy their company. You found it emotionally taxing just being involved with them. And yet, when the breakup finally occurred, your emotions were mixed. On the one hand, there’s freedom and the reassurance that you can finally be the person you want to be again. However, there’s also that feeling of indecision. Of not really knowing where to go from there. Essentially, there’s a fear of being alone.

And it was those conflicting emotions that made me sit and reflect for a solid couple of minutes, because that’s pretty much exactly how I feel about this entire situation. As I’ve said before, I found it harder to cheer for United this year than in years past primarily because of Slave’s inclusion. For every brilliant run and world class finish, there was diving. There was crying. There was whining. There were temper tantrums. And, above all, there was the feeling that he didn’t really want to be playing there. Essentially, it felt like he valued himself over the club.

Yet, now that he’s gone, I’m sure most supporters feel the same way that they do when the afore mentioned breakup occurs; because I’m certainly happy to be rid of him, but moving on now seems a rather daunting task. You can’t just go out, sign a few players, and expect to be the same team. Selling a player of Slave’s caliber is a tough issue to immediately address. But in saying that, it’s important to remember something: we sold him. We didn’t lose him. We weren’t forced to let him go due to complaining, and intense media speculation, and Michel Platini being a fuck. We sold him because it was time for United to become the organization we all know that they are.

If United had made little/no changed to their squad during this transfer window, I would have bet a large sum of money on us not being able to maintain our hold on the title… on on world football prominence. Moreover, I wouldn’t have been nearly as excited about the squad as I am at this moment. Looking forward, we have an excellent core to build around. We’ve got a ton of youth coming through the pipelines. We’ve got a few players that are just about ready to explode onto the scene. And now we’ve got a ludicrous amount of money at our disposal. I will say, with 100% honesty, that Slave leaving may be the best thing that has happened to United in a good long while.

I don’t know what awaits the boy at Franco FC. Maybe he’ll continue his rise, maybe he won’t. I personally think that he hit his ceiling in the 2007-2008 campaign. This year, he wasn’t performing the way Fergie needed him to, and he certainly didn’t have the respect for the badge that any reputable club would demand. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I do know that he wasn’t the future of United. Just who/what will be will no doubt be determined in the next coming months. For now, I can’t believe how excited I am. The breakup is over, it’s time to enjoy life again. COME ON YOU REDS!!!





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