Kaka joins Real Madrid : Officially the second most expensive transfer

8 06 2009

It’s official: Kaka has signed for Real Madrid (pretty self-explanatory above even if you don’t speak Spanish). The fee has yet to be officially announced but there’s little question it’s the highest fee ever paid for a footballer (assumed somewhere in the €70m+ range) – an honor Florentino Perez has pushed through how many times now?

Milan have also released a statement, in English after the jump, which is all touchy feely and just stops short of shouting “Remember Sheva!! You will rue the day!!!”.

“From next season Kaka will play for Real Madrid. AC Milan thank the man and the great champion for his decisive contribution to the many victories earned in six years of Rossoneri effort.

“The technical loss, albeit grave, can be overcome. It will however be very difficult to fill the void left by the man Kaka, a great example of hard work and professionalism.

“AC Milan, interpreting the voices of the directors, players and supporters, send him the most cordial and affectionate best wishes for the future of his sporting career.”

Incidentally Ricky has also crashed the internet, as both mammoth sites continue to struggle with the demand of internet-going football-lovers.

And with that, Florentino Perez is back to his old ways, showing once again that footballing history is doomed to repeat itself over and over and over and….




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