Proof that IFFHS is garbage: 08-09 Club rankings

4 06 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah – no need for further reexamination. But this one’s good – promise.

There was a little game last week, some of you may have heard. Champions League final or something. And Barcelona, the team we’ve been gushing about all year, put in a thoroughly dominating performance despite being, at least according to the British press, underdogs.

But last I checked, it didn’t end in a draw.

The whole thing beggars belief, as usual, but it’s certainly worth a look to wonder just how in the hell they finished wiped off the debris, looked at it and said, “yep, looks about right”.

The top 25

1. (2.) FC Barcelona España/4 315,0
(1.) Manchester United FC England/4 315,0
3. (3.) Chelsea FC London England/4 276,0
4. (6.) Liverpool FC England/4 248,0
5. (5.) Arsenal FC London England/4 247,0
6. (10.) FC Shakhtyor Donetsk Ukraina/3 245,5
7. (7.) Dinamo Kyiv Ukraina/3 234,5
8. (11.) Club Estudiantes de La Plata Argentina/4 232,0
9. (8.) Hamburger SV Deutschland/4 228,0
10. (16.) Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto-Alegrense Brasil/4 222,0
11. (4.) CA Boca Juniors Buenos Aires Argentina/4 218,0
12. (13.) Juventus FC Torino Italia/4 215,0
13. (11.) FC Bayern München Deutschland/4 211,0
14. (15.) SV Werder Bremen Deutschland/4 210,0
15. (9.) São Paulo FC Brasil/4 199,0
16. (32.) SC Internacional Porto Alegre Brasil/4 198,0
17. (45.) Cruzeiro EC Belo Horizonte Brasil/4 193,0
18. (14.) FC Internazionale Milano Italia/4 191,0
19. (20.) Manchester City FC England/4 190,0
20. (21.) Olympique de Marseille France/4 189,0
21. (27.) Udinese Calcio Italia/4 187,0
22. (24.) Club Atlético de Madrid España/4 185,0
23. (35.) SE Palmeiras São Paulo Brasil/4 184,0
24. (31.) FC do Porto Portugal/3 182,5
25. (30.) PFC CSKA Moscow Russia/3 181,0

So that’s Barcelona and Manchester United on par with one another, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

And this before we discuss not one but two Ukrainian teams in the top 10 and Hamburg above, well, everyone in Germany despite finishing 5th in the Bundesliga. And Werder made the top 15 for failing to crack the top half of the Bundestable as well. Meanwhile, Juventus are better than Inter because they just won the scudetto.

Much like FIFA’s monthly rankings, this thing’s in shambles. So you’ll just need to wait until next week for our rankings and a definitive answer. (Plus a paper trophy out of construction paper.)




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