FC Barcelona 2 : 0 Manchester United

27 05 2009

Quick analysis …

Earlier today it was conceivable that Barça would play beautiful football and even win, but few would have predicted they would give Manchester United a footballing lesson and steal the oxygen away from this English side through midfield possession, but it’s true.

Barça took the ball and stole all Manchester United’s fabled rhythm to the extent that United looked disheveled for most of the time and, except for a few times in the first eight minutes, hardly threatened goal.

Scoreline: Samuel Eto’o hammered a toe-poke by van der Saar after making Vidic look silly in the box in the 10th minute; Lionel Messi scored from his head on a Barça counter attack off a lovely ball from Xavi Hernandez in the 70th.

Surely, events will quell sounds for Ronaldo’s Ballon d’Or and Messi will be Player of the Year. Furthermore, you have to wonder how this influences Ronaldo’s potential move to Real Madrid.

Tonight in Rome, football was the winner. Soon now, we’ll bring in links from all over to discuss the ebb & flow of play, the ins & outs and ups & downs.

My condolences to Wayne and all other Man Utd fans.  Manchester United support world-wide have been all class, admitting the better team won tonight.




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