A game with alcohol for the final!!!!!!!

26 05 2009

Evidence of last years final.So, we’re almost at the final, the climax of the season. And while I couldn’t possibly condone drinking your own bodyweight in alcohol, it’d be irresponsible of me to not offer something if the game doesn’t live up to expectations, right? Plus, alot of people enjoyed the drinking games last year. Plus, you can make a cool little den out the beercans like left if you and a few friends do it (Obviously don’t do that on your own. You won’t live to see the final whistle, let alone the den).

Obviously, drink responsibly and to your limits and so on. But enjoy yourself as well

The Rules after the jump.

You must take a mouthful of alcohol when any of the following occur

The fact that Man United won the CL ten years ago in the Nou Camp is mentioned.

Ronaldo or Messi beats more than one man in a single run.

The fact that the two best players in the world are on show is mentioned by anyone.

An English commentator mispronounces a Barca player’s name.

If Barca string together more than ten passes in a move, you must drink for every subsequent pass.

If anyone goes down a bit easy/dives

Someone is booked

Any substitution is made. You must take a longer drink if two are made at the same time.

Kill your drink when

Someone scores (disallowed goals are entirely your discretion, but will probably amount to which side your supporting, and whose goal was disallowed)

Either Pep or Mr Alex are ranting at the ref

At Half and Full Time (including extra time if they/you make it that far)

A penalty is given (A shootout is your call)

Anyone is sent off

From the Second Half onwards

You have to refer to the teams by their nicknames. For referemce, these are La Blaugrana and The Red Devils. “Barca”, “Man U” or even “Man Utd” are not acceptable as nicknames for these purposes.

However if it goes to extra time, revert back to calling them by their proper names to confuse everyone.

Every ten minutes a member of your party (you can make it every five if you have alot of people/you want to get very drunk) can make up a new rule based on how the game is going. So for example, if someone starts doing something regularly, or a commentator mentions something frequently, incorporate it.

Feel free to add your own in the comments.




One response

26 05 2009

i d say every attempt on goal … every time someone in the crow claps … and every time they show ronaldo and messi within a space of 10 secs on the screen would be good options ….

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