Tevez Is Going, But How Do You Feel About?

12 05 2009


After trawling the internet for football news, as I usually do, today I noticed that more so than usual there appears to be lots of news about Carlos Tevez. And every site appears have no doubt that there’s one place the plucky Argentine won’t be come next August; Old Trafford, possibly still Manchester but definitely not Old Trafford. It’s a strange situation, but I feel quite strongly about it.

Of course, it’s sad to see such an enthusiastic player leave but in my opinion he really hasn’t contributed enough this term. He was fantastic last year, providing vital goals and lots of assists. There was a product to his vitality and energy. From this start of this season though, he appeared affected by the signing of Berbatov. It was as if he had become resigned to his departure before even attempting to prove himself.

Some have said that he hasn’t been given the opportunity to prove himself but I think that that is just a popular myth. Tevez has featured in forty-eight games this season, as many as he featured in the whole of last season. Sure, he hasn’t started as many as last year but he’s had his chances to stake his claim. He’s had some explosive moments throughout the season; scoring four against Blackburn in the Carling Cup being one of them. But these have been few and far between. A player who is playing for his new contract must deliver more than this but Tevez hasn’t, emphasized by the fact that United haven’t made an offer for him. Due this he to He has stated that he will leave at the end of the season as he “doesn’t feel part of the family”.

Ferguson has stayed quite coy on the subject, simply dropping innocuous comments here and there. If I had to take a guess, I’d say he feels that the Argentine has done all he can at United and is more than happy to let him go.

From what I’ve read, his preferred move would be to stay in England. There are many teams in the queue for Carlitos. Some mentioned included City, Arsenal, Pool’, Chelsea and even Everton. Aside from these teams, Inter, Real Madrid and Barca are also sure to be interested.

So really, as sad as I’d be to see him go, I think we’re better off without him. For €30M or whatever Kia Joorabchian wants, we could buy a better player, who can score more goals and who wouldn’t be influenced by some shadow corporation. So I don’t mind seeing him leave, but do you?

Wayne Farry




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