Special news alert!!!!!!!!!!

7 05 2009

London Police is currently looking for one Andres “The Don” Iniesta aka Ghostface Killah

The man is wanted for commiting 06 crimes on the evening of Wednesday, May 6th, 2009.

1. Breaking and Entering (The Stamford Bridge)
2. Assault (of the Chelsea Backline repeatedly)
3. Battery (of the the football. into the back of the net)
4. Theft (of passage to the CL final from Chelsea)
5. Hit and Run (after the incident, the man was seen removing an artcile of clothing[presumably to evade detection], then fleeing the scene of the crime into a crowd of accomplices.)
6. Inciting Riots (in Bars all over London, and Barcelona)

In addition to the events that transpired tonight, he is believed to be connected with similar crimes in the the greater Madrid and Valencia metro areas. He is thought to also been involved in the attacks in Barcelona of tourists going through the city, but Barcelona’s Authorities are not complying with the effort to apprehend the assailant.

Andres Iniesta is 1′70 tall and 85 kg. He is usually seen along with Xavier Hernandez Creus. Both of whom are known enforcers for Mob boss Josep Guardiola who has terrorized Spain, and is starting to gain ground in Europe.

If you have any additional information please inform [Interpol].




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