Iniesta Secures a Victory for Pretty Footbal

6 05 2009


The game itself wasn’t all that great to watch. Essien’s goal for Chelsea was a bit special, but other than that it was all Barcelona possession, Chelsea defending and Chelsea hitting Barcelona on the break.

Until the 93rd minute that is, when Andres Iniesta received the ball at the top of the box and struck it with the outside of his right foot.

That made it 1-1 with more or less nothing left on the clock, and Barcelona go through to the 2009 Champions League final on away goals.

I feel for Chelsea. I really do. They did more or less everything right and were 100% the better team on the night. But they were punished for “parking the bus”!!!!

Then again who wanted to see a repeat of last year’s Champions League final: A Chelsea team with an interim coach vs Man Utd? No thank you. Two English teams in the final? No thank you.

Maybe Barcelona didn’t deserve it over two legs and maybe they got lucky tonight. But – for the pass-pass-pass pretty football that’s had us drooling all season – they definitely deserve to be in that final on 27th May, where they’ll have a chance to seal the deal as one of the best teams of all time.




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