Chelsea V Barcelona second leg preview

6 05 2009


Considering how things went in the first leg, can we finally say “this is the game we’ve been waiting for”? After all, both teams will have to chase the result, right? Barcelona as it’s in their nature – and they must backup all their post-game missiles towards Guus’ anti-football – and Chelsea in front of their home fans, where even there they can’t expect to keep the attacking juggernaut scoreless for another 120 minutes.

And therein lies the problem for Chelsea: they can’t expect to keep Barca scoreless for another 120 minutes unless they pull of an even stauncher defensive performance than the one in Catalonia. Therefore, they’ll have to open up the game somehow – playing themselves right into Barca’s wheelhouse. Making this game perhaps even more dangerous at home than the Camp Nou leg and the discussion revolving around a certain greedy leftback of the English persuasion. Can the returning Ashley Cole have the success against Lionel Messi and Dani “I Never Pass Up The Chance To Fake An Injury” Alves that Bosingwa enjoyed? It’s a tall, tall ask, no matter how highly you rate Ca$hley.

The Spanish discussion will also start in the back, their Achilles heel – if you can call it that – before the injury to Rafa Marquez and suspension of Carles Puyol due to yellow card accumulation. Now it’s the gaping bullseye for which Chelsea will be aiming. If Martin Caceres plays they’ve got Bambi in headlights up against Drogba. If leftback Eric Abidal starts next to Gerard Pique they’ve got…leftback Eric Abidal in central defense – just ask Les Bleus fans how well that’s gone in recent times.

Suffice it to say, Barcelona’s possession machine will be working overdrive today to ensure that “the best defense is a good offense” holds true. If not, they might just be watching a reverse of the scoreline they enjoyed this weekend, and we may be due for another ManU v Chelsea Champions League Final.

So will the young prodigy, Pep, defeat the old master, Guus? Will defense win championships and the most glorious of attacks leave us nothing but a symphonic parting gift? Will Spain give Europe a fighting chance or is it still the run of England?

And is it destiny or is history bound to repeat itself? Will Barcelona and Manchester United, clearly the two best teams in Europe, meet each other as destiny has marked all year? Or will Chelsea, and John Terry, be given the chance to exact revenge on United away from the frozen pitch of Moscow in sunny Rome?

Prediction – Too close to predict!!!!! ( I personally would like to see Barca go through)




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