CL dates – mrk yr cals

23 04 2009
The three party!!!!

The three party!!!!

The Champions League semifinal round begins in a week’s time. Mark your calendars.

Madmen, Plattini & Blatter, continue to fume over the attendance of three English clubs in the Semifinal.

But they may be placated if the intense late run of the Premier League schedule exhausts the top English clubs — particularly Chelsea & Manchester United — and places advantage to the sublime efficiencies of Xavi & Iniesta; to the creativity of Messi, Eto’o & Henry and to the disciplined harrying of Guardiola’s men whenever they (infequently) lose the ball.

Ballon d’Or to Messi if Barça win the Champions League.

We shall see …

Barçelona v Chelsea

1st Leg @ Nou Camp
Tuesday, April 28th

2nd Leg @ Stamford Bridge
Wednesday, May 6th

Manchester United v Arsenal

1st Leg @ Old Trafford
Wednesday, April 29th

2nd Leg @ The Emirates
Tuesday, May 5th




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