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15 04 2009

Reds vs Blues

The games had been compared to the most insipid events on Buddha’s green earth: paint drying, grass growing and Rangers’ UEFA Cup run last year. It was the most expected and least inspiring matchup in world football. A 1-1 draw was a barnburner and two plus goals total was a sign of the apocalypse.

And then, much to our delight, someone kidnapped both clubs and ran out doppelgangers who knew how to score a goal or two. Or twelve. Yes, twelve aggregate goals. Absolutely unthinkable and a total which would have equaled the knockout aggregate record if Sporting hadn’t rolled over for Bayern last month.

Does this become the exception to the rule or a harbinger of things to come? Logic would say the former, hope would shout the latter. Although I’m not really sure it matters: after year upon year of Liverpool v Chelsea, we know for sure the “completely random” (uh huh) Champions League draw won’t pit Chelsea against Liverpool next year or the year after or the year after. Nope, it’s done. UEFA will put the kibosh on the tie just because it was so spectacular this go around. That’s simply how it works.

And, of course, the second biggest loser after Liverpool is Jose Mourinho. That’s two straight years of blue triumphing over red as opposed to his two losses in three years. Though I’m sure somewhere, somehow he’s taking credit for this victory and Porto’s draw at Old Trafford simultaneously.

Now comes the real question: does Chelsea have a legitimate chance against Barcelona? They obviously have a puncher’s chance but I’m not sure Guus feels too confident after leaking four goals at home and in return winning the honor of facing the world’s greatest attack spearheaded by one Lionel Messi.




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26 04 2009

I really like the tone of the post. Contact me if ur interested in writing more!!!

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