Fabregas to Barca……4 reasons why he wont leave!!!!

3 04 2009

Fábregas must trust Arsene WengerSo the rumour mill has cranked into action, and pulled out that one that we’ve heard so many times before, Arsenal’s very own Catalan Kid is heading back to Catalonia to Barcelona in a move that seems so achingly perfect – he’s going home, his good friend Alex Hleb is there already, he wants to prove himself in Spain etc, that how could it not be true.

But to me, it seems like a bad idea. And, as you’ve asked nicely, I’m going to tell you why. Here are the four reasons why Cesc Fàbregas must not join Barcelona… Yet.

1) He wouldn’t even be guaranteed a first team slot.
One of the reasons for Cesc’s move, is supposedly the fact that he would have a better shot at the Spanish NT if he was in Spain. Problem is, the two players ahead of him for his country are Xavi and Iniesta, a pair with an astonishing partnership in the centre of midfield. There is no certainty that any player, however talented is going to break up that partnership. Ask Hleb. Besides, that team is playing so well this season, its difficult to see anyone breaking into that team.

2) He has the chance to become a legend at Arsenal.
If he stays patient, and trusts Arsene Wenger, there’s a good chance that Cesc can become a real legend at Arsenal, and win alot of trophies. I know Wenger has had alot of criticism this season, but he clearly is building a side for the future, and with a bit of experience in there, Arsenal could be contenders next year.

3) Barca let him go once…
At aged 16, Arsenal were interested in the prodigal talent of young Cesc. Barcelona obviously weren’t impressed enough with him to keep him then, would it really be that special to go back?

4) The Chance Will Come Again
I don’t think this is a once-in-a-lifetime dream move that it was for Hleb who obviously jumped at the chance last season. The rumours about Barca wanting Cesc have been around for ages, and are likely to carry on. If there is any truth in them, I don’t think another few season’s in north London is going to affect them, to be honest.




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