Weekend sumup: Barca, NASA and the Man Utd farce!!!!!!!

23 03 2009

A weekend like none other ( yah yah…..for me at least!!!!). Saturday early morning score line was more successful in waking me up than my morning cup of coffee!!!. Man Utd , after their loss to Liverpool last weekend, was fully expected to get back on track this Saturday. But ….a shocker of a match saw them loose to Fulham (2-0) and also loose Scholes and Rooney to red cards!!!! Chelsea vs. Spurs ofcourse followed that match. The Man Utd result had given Chelsea a chance to come to within 1 point of the leaders. But Chelsea being Chelsea scuffed up that chance as they themselves lost by a 1-0 margin. In the final match of the day Arsenal easily beat Newcastle to maintain their 4th spot in the league. And yes (for all gunner fans)…..Arshavin was the difference maker!!!!. This one was a pretty eventful and upset filled Saturday.

That brings me on to Sunday. I was hoping to spend a nice day at home watching liverpool, Madrid and Barca play. But then came a bunch of friends ( yah…the same jobless bunch) with plans!. They convinced (a.k.a forced) me to go along with them to the NASA space center 😛 . Damn… I missed Liverpool absolutely trashing Villa and Madrid scraping through Almeria. Above all I missed watching Barca play!!!! They can be absolutely amazing on their day and from the scoreline (6-0) it looked like it was very much their day. And that brilliant Messi goal was one for the ages!!!!. But oh well….I still have the highlight packages , India’s second test and a packed world cup qualification week to look forward to!!!!. So really…no regrets as another week fly by!!!!!





3 responses

23 03 2009

awesome goal by messi. best player in the world hands down. btw how was NASA?

23 03 2009

Barca was really good yesterday man. As for messi’s goal…one word..Brilliant. But best team rite now are the reds. Poool’ gonna rock the cl this season. the blues must be shaking ….

26 03 2009
Next Door

Who are u calling “jobless bunch” huh?!!! It sure was an Eventful weekend right -both in terms of games and fun 😉

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