Watching Watchmen waiting weekend!!!!!

7 03 2009

It was Friday night and as usual there was nothing to do. But hurray there was a new movie in town. They call it the Watchmen, but I’m pretty sure they never had their watches on while making it. As I step out of the movie hall after what seemed like an eternity …….a thought hits me. Yes!!!!! It’s weekend again. Weekends are generally a busy time for sport fans (at least for me…. since I have nothing else to keep me busy :P) , as a lot of games are played all over the globe. So…lets see…. what’s on the menu for Saturday???

Basketball fans
NBA and college hoops are going on…so there is a lot you guys can catch up on!!! Texas Tech is playing Iowa State at 1:45 ET; so all tech fans make sure u catch that game!!

Soccer Fans
A lot of soccer will be played this Saturday (like all Saturdays). EPL, FA cup action, Spanish Premiera, SeriaA, Budesliga…(u cant expect me to go on….. they play soccer everywhere this time of the year!!!!)

India and New Zealand will be hoping to get a full game in when they turn up on Saturday (Sunday in New Zealand) to play the 3rd ODI. Australia and South Africa will be at it again and the English and West Indies will continue to play another stalemate of a test.
So again, a lot to watch out for.

This is all I can think of……but I’d love to be proved wrong. I seriously doubt it, since I’m pretty sure no one even reads this :P…. then again I’ve nothing better to do!!!!! Enjoy your Saturday!!!!!!





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