Three points from CL spot!!!!!

6 03 2009

How did this happen? I realize that the gunner’s optimism wasn’t exactly free flowing, but to be three points back of Villa all of a sudden is a minor miracle. Consider this: last Saturday they were within five minutes of looking at a seemingly insurmountable eight point deficit. That would have created an even bleaker outlook to the rest of the season. Fast forward to Tuesday, Villa goes down 2-0 to Man City, and all of a sudden it’s a five point swing. That is massive, especially with a tough schedule for the Arsenal in May. That’s why it is impeccable to start winning matches. Enough of these draws.

There’s no league action for a bit — two cup games ahead of the following weekend. This Sunday it’s Burnley and good news awaits, as Theo and Eduardo both look to be fit. It remains to be seen whether or not they will get a chance to start, but I would expect both to at least get a substitute cameo to get their legs back under them. If both of those players can stay healthy then it would be smart to say this team wouldn’t struggle to score goals. Van Persie’s been a lone bright spot this season but hasn’t scored since the Everton match (I think) and shouldn’t be relied on to score every game.

Of course, what would the Spanish media be if they didn’t come up with some Fabregas speculation every now and again? This time, it’s news that if Wenger left, Cesc would too. That doesn’t surprise me all that much, what with the Spaniard a real fan of Wenger’s approach to the game. It would be safe to say that Cesc will more than likely play in Spain one day, something that would be expedited if Wenger left. And I’m ok with that. I guess.




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