Player ratings —- Feedback needed !!!!!!!!!

5 03 2009

Jean Claude Killy once said, “ The best and the fastest way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion.” Though I have given up on the imitating part I have always tried to learn by watching them play.
So I thought it would be a good idea for me to use this small knowledge to rate these champions. And since everyone has an opinion about everything I’d like to think even YOU would rate him or her. So here’s what we are gonna do…..
After every game (every sports has players so..all the diff sports are welcome) readers who watched the game can rate the players , coach and the team!!!. For this to work I need all the feedback I can get !!!!!!. As I’ve said in my earlier blog the answer to the blog truth is YOU so…let the comments roll in on this one…..

I’ll start off the player rating thread with a match I watched last evening. A soccer match!!!
Yesterday Barcelona played Mallorca for a place in the Copa Del Rey( Spanish league cup) final. Barcelona scraped through with a 1-1 (3-1 aggregate) score. Here is how I would rate Barcelona

Team: 4. Below average play on a day when they should have excelled with ease. Time after time an attacker charged toward the box, with zero support, or late-arriving support. Say what you will about Eto’o and Henry, but you don’t have to invite them to a party in the box.

Guardiola (coach): 7. Made the right substitutions, and came out with the right back line, undone by “Tiger Style” Caceres. His Marquez sub stabilized the back line, in effect showing cognizance that we weren’t going to score a bunch, so we’d better stop them from scoring.

Pinto: 8. “Start him next Liga match.” Right? Right? His Jedi Mind Trick on the penalty taker resulted in the match-winning moment. T’was a great save, and something that Valdes would nevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverever have done. Never. The player, when he saw that gesture, simply had to hit the ball in that direction. Pretty comprehensive awesomeness. He’s flailing at balls that he needs to take, but that’s something that comes with reps.

Alves: 3. The rest will do him good. He was awful today. He’s becoming Route 1 for attacks, as well. When he isn’t raising hell on the offensive end, his defense becomes a liability, as it was today. Notice that he’s starting to not get calls, because of being the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Expect it to continue until he mans up. Of late, he’s been slow and out of position too much, easily being outdone by quick wingers with good ball skills. Thankfully, La Liga doesn’t have many of those, right? Riiiiight.

Pique: 7. Good match from Lank today, including a great tackle in the box that was all ball. Won every header that came near him, and his ambitious up field pass off the volley forced the bad clearance that broke Messi loose for the tying (and match-sealing) goal.

Puyol: 6 The Captain tried, but was having an off match, including getting smoked by Keita (their Keita, who actually showed up) on a spin move. Thankfully, Webo was offside.

Caceres: 5. Was shaping up to be baca’s best defender, doing a pretty good Abidal impersonation with range, pace and combativeness. Man, does he like to get in a player’s face. Then came the unfortunate, studs-up challenge that was a deserved straight red. He was rocking the house until then, and deserves more outings.

Yaya: 7. Strong match in the holding position, with smart positional play. He was often the only man making a run, like the guy on the battlefield saying “rally behind me!” He doesn’t run as much as rumble. He played a fine match as our only real defensive presence in midfield.

Keita: 2. He was there. I know he was there. He started, and I think I saw him running around. I’m pretty sure. Although now that I think about it, maybe I’m not so sure. Hmmm….

Busquets: 2. I know that he was out there, and it wasn’t pretty. He was terrible today, doing everything wrong except for drawing fouls, which he proceeded to sell even harder by writhing about as if his ass was being flossed with red-hot barbed wire. Well looky here, Legacy. You wanted the man-sized contract. Now play like a man. Pass after pass went awry, every time he stuck his boot in the way he does instead of getting into position, the ball went to a Mallorca player. Just awful.

Hleb: 4. Yes, he had some excellent positional play and a few exceptional passes, including one that sprung Alves on a run that he should have done better with. But overall, he just didn’t have it today. The doubters are picking up steam. I still wouldn’t have minded seeing him in that Xavi position. Perhaps another time.

Iniesta: 6. Started out like gangbusters, then gradually disappeared, right after that hard foul. Did anyone notice that he was rubbing his thigh in almost the exact same spot it was injured two weeks ago? I did!!!. He still needs someone to play off of, and he just didn’t have it. He’s a great player, but he can’t control those box runs like Messi can.

Krkic: 1. The Kid was horrible today, always going a dribble too far. Did he even hav a shot on goal? He got the starting chance that everyone was saying that he deserved today, and his movement was off, his passing was off, his runs were off, he was just off. He seems to think he’s Henry, getting the ball on the wing and trying that same drag and dive bomb past the defender. But without Henry’s pace, he just loses the ball. I want to believe….


Marquez (for Iniesta): 7. Strong positional play that stabilized the back line at a time when things were looking a bit dire. This was a better showing from the Kaiser.

Messi (for Krkic): 8. He brought energy and fire to the side, bringing that right side to life. And what a great goal. A lot of his score is based in intangibles, but you could see the whole side get some bounce in their steps when he came on. He was a bit selfish today, but he was surrounded by crap so it was hard to blame him. If I’m Messi and my two options on the break are Hleb and Yaya, I’m taking it myself.

Xavi (for Hleb): incomplete. Not sure what was said to Hleb as he was coming off, but it seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. A nice little run-out to get the blood flowing, and not much more.

let me know of what you guys think about the ratings????? Do you agree????or….did anyone even watch??????




2 responses

6 03 2009

Ok first of all .. congrats for finally gettin the blog goin ..
one thing i noticed .. ur WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better at this than i EVER imagined u to be .. i enjoyed readin this post … i have always admired ur knowledge of all this .. but dint think u d be able to put it down so damn well .. love the tone of the post … overall .. enjoyable read …
now coming down to the facts .. 😉 .. for once i kind of agree to wat u ve said bout messi .. he was smartass most of the match .. and yea .. u get across too strongly with ur points… try not being so totally SURE of ur opinions 🙂
wil look forward to ur future posts … and reading the 100s of them already posted 😛 (p.s. i have a soft corner for soccer .. and considering i m goin to be ur most active reader .. 😛 … u kno wat i mean … )

6 03 2009

onr more thing .. the penalty stop was sheer genius !!! agree valdes cudnt have done somethin like tht even to a 2 yr old penalty kicker …

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