Hello, everybody.

3 03 2009

As I prepare for the launch of the new blog, many questions run through my head. What makes a good blog? How do I engage the readers? What should I write about? I read blog after blog searching for the eternal blog truth, the blog of all blogs, the answer to the question of blog life and yet I still feel as though this answer is nowhere to be found. Some of the tips tell me to write a blog entry as if I was writing to a friend, some tell me to be informative and introduce topics that will spark a discussion, some tell me not to use puffery or PR and to just be myself. As Babe Ruth once said “Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back”. Well here I am.

I have learned (from reading a lot of them) that writing a blog is not something that you can really prepare for. The postings are fresh off of the press and as a blog writer I get to watch and see what you seem to respond to. I will focus more on news topics that you seem to like and try to avoid the ones that you don’t pay much attention to. Also I will try to bring in some excitement and enthusiasm for some of the major sporting events coming up!!. So here is the epiphany I have made for this blog entry. The answer to the eternal blog truth is YOU!!! And with that I would like to thank you very much for taking some of the weight off of my shoulders.





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